I’m Sanchit R Deshmukh

Over the last 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some highly talented individuals, working side by side to design and develop products.
Experience nature's beauty by climbing high peaks on Maharashtra with nature enthusiast. Launch & Fail twice on a startup idea I had.
But over the years I am enjoying life more than ever.

I’m Sanchit R Deshmukh

What I Love Doing

Its hard to stay ahead of the game. I take every tasks seriously. Things I do flawlessly.

Web Branding and Marketing

Building and creating brands that are digital and marketing ready.

Web / User Interface

Responsive, interactive and clean websites and apps. Building and creating brands that are digital.

Creative Photography

Take breathtaking stunning photographs and help clients achieve their goals.

Product Management

Building and creating Products that provide value for it's user

Trekking Tours

Managing a group of people helping them climb high peaks of maharashtra and enjoy breathtaking views.

Awesome Support

Once the project is taken, I ensure timely delivery and 24x7 support. Because I prech 'Quality Matters'

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