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Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to work at this co-working space. This place is filled full of energy. Each startup trying to solve problems they think that can help improve everyday life and advance human civilisation.  “Coworking offers more freedom, independence, possibilities for self-realization and overall more freedom of choice than …

Vashi Lake

Vashi Lake

Vashi is a town located in Navi Mumbai, India. It’s has been rapidly urbanising from the past decade. Schools, Collages, Hotels, Work Places, Brands, etc there is nothing that you cannot find here. This beautiful lake is one of the places Vashi residents are proud of.


FreightBro is one of the top 10 logistics startup in india. FreightBro is a digital platform specially designed for the freight forwarders to enable them to perform their daily tasks efficiently & effectively . FreightBro helps source rates faster, reduce operational inefficiencies , boost sales, make informed decisions using data analytics, thereby providing a seamless …